R.B.S : Acronym ( Rock Band Syndrome )

Upon hours of game play, pusing 5 mulit-colored buttons and strumming up and down while looking at a scrolling screen, you get R.B.S. otherwise known as "Rock Band Syndrome"

Look away for 1 min you realize everything you just did has now led to you seeing visuals, not to mention everything waving as if you just smoked way too much weed.

The new way to get high without official drug use.
Ken " Dude lets have a rock band party tonight! "

Mark " Costume PARTY, ill bring the beer!!!"

Ken " NOOOOO MAN, trust me you'll get R.B.S. it will feel like your freken TRIPPIN GUY!"

Mark "...................................ok........!"
by vt83mk1 February 09, 2010
Top Definition
Random Boner
Jim tried to hide his RB by crossing his legs.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
a rogue boner you receive at unexpected times

a surprise in your pants!
Dani: Josh you've got a huge rb!
Josh: Thanks for announcing it to the world! ::winks::
by DaniKidd November 10, 2007
Reason Boner

Derivitve: NRB; No Reason Boner
"Oh, dude! That chick's so hot. Kevin has such an R.B. right now!"

by jamesporter March 06, 2006
Rigorous Butt Sex-
1.Intense, mostly pleasurable but possibly painful(for either party) anal sex. Mostly used as a humorous example rather than an enticing possibility.
2.A fierce display of buttsexery
3.also Roast Beef Sandwich(how Arbys got its name)
(word origins attributed to Zeb)
"at first she was scared, but after I showed her how, she's been begging me for the R.B.S.

"You gotta have an ass of steel to handle my R.B.S"

"I thought R.B.S was cool til' the doctor had to sew up mysahara rip-dick"
by Senor lukas July 10, 2008
Also known as random boner syndrome. It is a condition where a male lacks control over his genitals. Also Known as a rock lobster.
Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. Nether is my R.B.S
by Allen Wynn June 12, 2010
R.B.S, officially known as Random Boner Syndrom, is a disorder in which a male is prone to sporadic erections. This disorder is commonly found in teenage boys.
Boy 1: "What's the matter with Jeff? He left to go home..."
Boy 2: "He has an awful case of R.B.S..."
Boy 1: "Oh... This is the 4th time this month!"
Boy 2: "...You've been counting?"
Boy 1: *walks away*
by ♥Lilli K♥ March 16, 2009
Short for Rat Bastard. Something you would call someone for pulling a shaddy or lame manuever. For example, taking credit for you work at your job.
You are such an RB, I can't believe you ate my last bagel.
by sdlakers March 12, 2010
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