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Word used in the 60's to describe nonsence or to point out a failed attempt at intimidation. Also knowned as BullShit.
(spoken in a yuppie tone at a highway patrol officer) "Dont you razzle dazzle me sonny, I know darn well I was driving 65mph!"
by Mr. Plumpy May 17, 2006
10 11
A 360 spin move originated and perfected by The Guy, often used to produce significant ass beatings in the game of water polo.
Speedo will never be prepared for the Razzle Dazzle.
by MRMas March 25, 2008
9 11
this is kind of hard to describe, but it's a way to describe someone of the opposite sex that you find gloriously attractive...when someone of the opposite sex is so gorgeous that they make you stand there, mouth hanging open, totally dazzled
That guy has some serious razzledazzle.
by Gidget September 15, 2006
4 8
A sexual act in which a guy is having sex with his girlfriend who is on her period. In retalliation, he dumps a box of glitter in her vag.
Peter: Dude, last night Cindy got so mad at me.
Bob: Why?
Peter: I "razzle dazzle"d her because the bitch didn't tell me she was on the rag.
by Ripper13catie April 23, 2009
2 7
The razzle dazzle is the act of receiving oral sex, while spacedocking the female performing the oral sex.
My yoga teacher came over and i gave her the ol' razzle dazzle.
by Zac Williams April 17, 2007
10 17
going out on the razzle dazzle. gettin wrecked up clart innit.
I was out on the razzle dazzle last night but i cant really remember
by FINBAR February 02, 2004
7 17
When someone is extremely upset
I got a little razzle dazzle-Money Mike
by Money Mike February 08, 2005
6 22