To pleasure oneself, usually in the wee hours of the morning, such as 4 a.m. Typically, some sort of visual stimulus, along the lines of a magazine, is involved. Additionally, a cloth of some type, like a favorite shirt or wall hanging, is involved for the purposes of "clean-up."
Danny didn't really have a curfew, he just wanted to get home to razzle.
by 2ob May 19, 2007
razzles is slang for Crack Cocaine in liverpool!
look at that dirty bastard hes on the razzles!
by drcannabis August 22, 2006
A brilliant genius especially when it comes to marketing.
That boy is a Razzle, he make Donald Trump look like Mister Chump.
by Nicolas Dingley January 09, 2004
Signal of acknowledgement of someones nice arse.
The desired effect being you can shout it out to your mate and the target (i.e holder of the razzle) won't have a clue whats going on. Unless they read tis in which case they will. Hmmm.
(A nice arse walks buy)
"Razzle" (usually followed by a nod from who ever your telling)
by Biggles May 29, 2004
Short for rasilainen, means crappy timekeeper.
Jim is such a razzle
by canucks9999999 April 03, 2011
A rather ugly and dirty woman, as seen in men's publication "Razzle"
"That Jade Goody's a bit of a Razzle, isn't she?"
by patchie March 20, 2005
To perform a "raspberry" directly on another's anus.
He puckered his lips and blew a razzle on my asshole last night!
by Robin Bottom June 29, 2010
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