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You say razzin when you just plain around with someone. It just means your joking.
Just razzin with you niggy.
by D Dubz the only #1 June 08, 2007
joking / messin around , not tell the truth
biggie: yo tupac is gay
tupac : no i aint i is the don
biggie: im razzin ya
by darius4984390809848430840 June 02, 2005
The act of charming a girl with the intention of finding a slam piece. The term should only be used in referring to the successful wooing of a girl and must NEVER be used in reference to people of the same gender as this would be most uncouth...and definitely homo fo shomo.
Jarrod: Anfrony is on fuego tonight. He's razzin and is going to get that slam piece!
by JazzaRazza November 08, 2010