A kind person, who is often misunderstood. Does not become attached easy. But once he finds a true friend, there are none who can be as kind, sweet or pleasant to be around as him. Never gives a complement without it being completely sincere.
People will often not be as happy, unless there near this person, and often have a rayce as there best friend, which no one comes close to comparing too.
yeah that's a rayce for you
by bristal April 04, 2011
1) a beat-boxer

2) a stud fo' shizzle
"that brotha's a rayce"
by j-dawg & a-dawg December 18, 2003
another word for kind and smart. It is also used often for describing stupid and annoying boys.
Ash: Hey! Can you tell him to stop annoying me!
Syd: Sorry, I can't help it. He's just a rayce
by Pikochan February 18, 2011

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