When you cum in a persons eyes they flail their arms around in pain, like they are playing a piano (They are also blinded in the process).
Dude, my wife was sucking me off last night and I totally Ray Charles'd her! I laughed my ass off!
by J McIntyre November 13, 2006
A sexual act where a man blows his load of semen into a woman's closed eyes. She then keeps them closed until the semen dries and crusts them together. She can no longer see, much like the great Ray Charles.
"I totally gave her the Ray Charles!"
by Mahmelhaud April 10, 2008
when you bust in a bitch's face and make her play a casio keyboard
that bitch looked like ray charles playin that casio
by Phyuck Yu October 15, 2007
a shooter half green chartruise half jose cuervo with a dash of tobasco sauce. Often drank by drunk people to get more drunk quickly.
it's 10 mins til closing! Ray Charles? *pointing*
by MIND May 25, 2006
To place a testicle on each eye of a girl, then shit on her face, making her both brown and blind.
I jumped right on her face and Ray Charles'd her.
by johnonymous g April 10, 2008
when one acts blind to get the sympathy of a nice looking woman and then she has pity sex with you. After you unload all over her face you tell her you aren't blind but she wont care. If she cares, you didn't pull a true Ray Charles off.
dude, yesterday i saw Jim's mom and pulled a Ray Charles on her.
by DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD October 24, 2006
a threesome consisting of one male anally pentrating the girl doggie style, while another male/female is in 69 position eating the girl out. The man's balls will cover the eyes of the one 69'ing, leaving them blind....hence, the RAY CHARLES
I got the ray charles last night when i was licking that chicks box.
by Clifford Wentworth June 18, 2006
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