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1)When someone has something important that they can never use.
2)If something has been most likely intrepreted incorrectly but its not realized until its to late.
Guy one: Dude look Ray Charles has a tab book. You can learn to play like him.
Guy 2: Why does he have a book? It's not like he could ever have read it. How do we know its his own work? He could never have written it down beacues he was blind.


Dude 1) The Ray Charles book is done.
Dude 2) How do you know? He didnt write the songs down, you did. ASS
by meconfused June 19, 2006
3 15
Famous African-American Jazz/Blues/Country/Gospel/etc. muscician circa 1950s-2004. Did such famous and great pieces as "Hit The Road, Jack", and "Unchain My Heart." He played the piano and the amazing thing was that he was blind. He is one of the greatest artists in history, along with Johnny Cash, who have more collective talent than all the crappy punk rock bands in the world.

RIP Ray and Johnny
"Unchain my heart,
Baby set me free,
Unchain my heart,
Cause' you don't care about me..."

-Ray Charles
by Ray Charles Fan January 08, 2005
183 67
God is love. Love is blind. Ray Charles is blind. Therefore, Ray Charles is God.
I hope that Ray Charles does not smite me with his terrible omnipotence.
by shinjitsu June 01, 2005
175 86
One of the most brilliant musicians of all time.
The movie Ray should be made into a first-person shooter.
by Constantine Vidal June 30, 2005
117 38
A super bright flashlight, usually a sure-fire. When you shine it at someone in the dark or light, the person closes their eyes and shakes their head side to side like Ray Charles did when he played piano.
person 1: AHHH...

person 2: what dude?

person 1: That asshole just Ray Charles'd the shit out of me.
by T.J. Dubz December 31, 2007
100 38
Taking a nap in a public setting while wearing dark sunglasses so as to prevent detection.
I totally pulled a Ray Charles during that lecture today
by Dinobot87 December 14, 2010
32 9
Coffee with Gin in it. Named so because Ray Charles is alleged to have drank it all day, every day. A Ray Charles can also be made with Vodka instead of Gin, so it tastes better.
Hey, I'll take a Ray Charles, with cream and Sweet N Low.
by Kremlin Cole July 31, 2008
13 6
The act of a male cumming in the eyes of his partner. The male then comes behind his partner and tickles him/her causing them to move from side to side and smile and/or laugh, subsequently simulating the movements of Ray Charles.
Enrique gave Anna a Ray Charles last night in the club bathroom.
by Gator_Ortiz March 03, 2011
14 13