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Real name: Riviera beach, the RAWest city in Palm Beach County, FL. Rawvera is located just north of West Palm Beach, and just west of Singer Island. Take a trip through the raw and you will encounter the ever-colorful hood, industrial parks, and an extremely dense population of nerds at the smartest school in the county, Suncoast Community High School for the terminally gifted.
- Where do you jog?
- Oh, I take my morning jaunt through exciting rawvera
-Oh oh, my daring caucasian friend, you must learn to run fast if you jog in the raw every morning.
by DooblesD'joobles May 19, 2005
Riviera Beach Florida
I'm from rawvera dawg
by Uzzi September 17, 2003
it a city in west palm beach fl
where u from the raw aka rawvera dub city
by raw finnest April 30, 2003
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