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Adj. those who innately lack ease or grace (as of movement or expression) and openly embrace their awkwardness with zeal.
Sheina, Carissa and Tiffani go in for a group hug, Sheina's glasses fall off, and Tiffani accidentally pokes Carissa in the eye... to which they exclaim "goddamn we're a tornado of rawkwardness"
by tiffanomie April 13, 2011
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Adj. - Similar to awkward, in that it applies to situations in which nothing is left to be said. What differentiates the two is the sheer length of time created by the preceding "rawkward" moment. The severity of the silence comes into play as well, as usually all parties involved are not only rendered mute but motionless.
Liza: which point, he laid a Cleveland steamer on my dog.

Ten minute pause.

Ben: You are so fucking rawkward.
by Ben Hall October 20, 2007
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