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1. Pronunciation of roflmao. RAW-FULL-LUH-MOW.
Used usually in a sarcastic manner (a) when speaking with other sarcastic friends or (b) when speaking to a total n00b.

2. What my psycho and deranged cat Champ sounds like when you try to pet it.

( Also see lawl and rawfull.
1. (a)
imsoscene14: I lubb ducks.
spiffygurl2: Rawfulluhmow, me too.
imsoscene14: LAWL!
babyv174879: omgz i cant spel!11
emokidz2day: Rawfulluhmow!11 U23 4 DICKSHUNAIRIE!11

Me: Hi, Champ! *tries to pet*
Champ: Rawfulluhmowww... *attacks*
by Anonymus User December 16, 2007
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