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To be entirely fucked - up or over - wronged, lied to, cheated on, beat up, scraped up by your own wrong doing or by others. : To be in a situation that turns against you, usually by some fate of karmic turnabout.

NOTE: Not to be confused with "raw dog" as this term implies nothing sexual. But does alude and reference the potential consequences of "raw dogging".
This weekend I got fired, fell off my bike and scrapped my other knee, broke the bike and then got attacked by fleas: its safe to say I've been rawdogged good and hard.
by jennfoolery June 13, 2012
Having long rough sex until you've rubbed the girl raw and then keep on going while she begs you to stop.
Bro, Kara asked me to stop having sex because her pusy was sore but I raw dogged the shit out of her.
by Yroc October 06, 2013
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