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To go "raw dog". To have sex without a condom
what is this painful, smelly discharge? maybe I shouldn't be raw doggin it with strangers
by Stefan the terrible May 26, 2004
226 78
1) having unprotected sex

2) when your freind does or says something to put you ina bad position, worsen a situation, or just fucks you raw
Me- "yo man where did all the pudding go"
Rob- "I ate it all"
Me- "You raw doggin me man"
by tree mister June 16, 2011
24 16
To have unprotected sex with a full figured woman. This usually involves a woman who is so undesirable that only the loneliest of creeps will attempt this poor decision.
"lets hit up the club maybe we can get a couple of Big Mamas and take them home for a little Raw-doggin'
by tenhighguy November 05, 2010
5 11
The act of masturbating without lubrication of some sort e.g. vaseline, lotion etc.
Damn! No vaseline. Looks like I'll be raw doggin' it tonight.
by Gourilla November 28, 2007
45 101
To cuss a person out to the fullest.
I was raw doggin that skeez! I made her feel worthless! Don't mess with me!
by Ka-ren November 24, 2007
3 83