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(n) seemingly random, minor illness following prolonged stints of sleep deprivation, drinking, and drug use. Often contracted by sharing drinking vessels or nitrous crackers.
I think I picked up raver flu this weekend after hitting four clubs in two days and doing a case of dumb.
by pandora April 19, 2005
a sometimes-minor (can become a fullblown disease state if unchecked) illness contracted from raving, especially in the winter months.
the cause is thought to be a combination of sweat, cold air, sharing water/vicks inhalers, and ingesting large amounts of e or whatever one likes to fly on.
sometimes thought to be the result of a minor overdose or vigorous e-fueled making out.
raver: "where's waffles?"
raver 2: "he's got the raver flu"
raver: "aw, so does bones, she's had it since kandieland.."
raver 2: "probably all that K and the 'rolling coaster' "
raver: "mm. want a blue lady?"
raver 2: "sure, let's share water."
by sheriff basshunter December 31, 2007

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