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An official couple from the Teen Titans franchise. (Official in the comics as of mid2009)

In the animated series, Raven is an introvert. She is highly powerful but has trouble controlling that power without proper meditation. This leads to her trying to cut off any possibility of an emotional link to anyone. This then leads to her coming across as cold distant and unemotional to those nearby, though the other Titans all have seemed to cracked through this hard protective shell and gotten both themselves emotionally connected to her, but also gotten her emotionally connected to them. In terms of appearance, her skin is pale and grayish, her hair is violet, eyes deep blue.

Beast Boy however is the total opposite. He is an extrovert, and tries to challenge the impossible for the sake of friendships and the like. He has a rough past, much like Raven, though in opposite ways. His persistence often pays off with the female members of the Titans, like apologizing his way out of a grudge Starfire had on him for a prank-gone-wrong, or constantly bugging Raven to try to get her to talk about her troubles. Appearance-wise, his skin is green, hair is dark green, eyes are deep green.

Whether or not these two are meant to be together is debatable, like any fictional pairing, but for now, Raven and Beast Boy is an official couple of the Teen Titans franchise, to join the likes of Robin and Starfire.
Major couple-based episodes about Raven and BeastBoy are: "Beast Within", "Spellbound"

Minor couple hints are scattered throughout other episodes.
by Someone with too much dam time November 07, 2009
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