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wild party or music situation that is largely off the track, off the wall, off the hook, e.t.c.

there was a 60s' yardbirds album called, 'lets' have a rave-up' this alluded to extended guitar soloing, feedback, assorted abstract musical departure.

rave-up could lend itself to the more modern 'rave', where the object also is to 'get wild'!!

'rave-up' has some history with the influence of psychedelic drugs upon those musicians who would, "shake the air" (-frank zappa)

someone 'raving' could (and should!) be perceived as 'out of their head', ie: geniune insanity, or temporary insanity/drug influence...this is not always all bad!!
i went to the rave-up and when the band got back on the ground, everyone was stunned!

it was a banner rave-up! everybody got wild or off!!

she tried to get bill to go to the rave-up, but he had to go to the church fellowship meeting!
by michael foolsley August 18, 2010
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