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Get a move on; hurry up. From sheep dags, being crusty bits of dried crap stuck to the fleece around the bum, which rattle as they run.
by TwoDays October 11, 2003

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An old Australian expression meaning to hurry up. Has its origins in the crusted dry dags that gathered in the wool around a sheep's rear end. When dry and hardened they rattle when the sheep runs. Commonly prevented by what is called crutching or shearing the wool around the rear end of the beast.
Rattle your dags or we will be late for school.
by Geoffrey Walker February 16, 2006
get a move on. (Australianism)
Hurry up, rattle your dags.
by Joe Bloggs October 13, 2003
Aussie for hurry up. Dags being the shit stuck on a sheeps arse. They rattle when they run.
Rattle your dags Sharon, Neighbours is almost on.
by Pud October 10, 2003