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in general rattenjunge is a synonym for loser. a rattenjunge is often described as a miserable slightly human being whose purpose in the world can be argued. some think it is necessary element of socitey concerning it wipes out a lot of trash because it is its favourite source of food. but most people consider it to be an annoyance in consideration of its disgusting outer appearance and strong body odor.
a common use for the word rattenjunge is at a party when the boredom takes over and one unlucky person is choosen to be the scapegoat(rattenjunge). the rest of the evening is usually spent insulting this person using the negative features that go with the definition of a rattenjunge.
historians believe the first rattenjunge(lat.: sebastius wawrycanus) was found in germany. the native people refer to him as "wawy" and still sacrifice nothing for him ,although they actually fear him, because they are afraid he will come back and eat the remains of the offering.
"This is boring. Hey rattenjunge, stop going through my belongings!"
"I didn't do anything. And why do you call me rattenjunge?"
"Zip it, rattenjunge! Now get of my property, you messy beast."
by jiggywiggy July 07, 2006
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