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An acronym meaning "Really And Truly Fucked-Up".
It is used in a similar manner as "fubar" and "snafu" in describing a situation that is both hopeless and unjust, but is more urgent than snafu.

the letters have some ambiguity in meaning, for example:

-R can also stand for "royally", thereby stressing the intolerably hopeless nature of the situation and its injustices. Similar to how a member of royalty can do whatever he/she pleases in his/her own nation without consequence, it implies that the situation is fucking/has screwed over the speaker.

-T can also stand for "totally", implying there is no escape from the situation.

-F can stand for "fouled", a substitution that doesn't involve profanity.
-"Dude, I just found out that my wife is cheating on me with my brother."
"That's totally RATFU."

-"How're you doing?"
"RATFU, I have cancer."
by jonny2x4 April 30, 2008

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