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gross, disgusting or just plain shick ass shiznit.
My brother is ratch!
by OnE LoVe October 04, 2004
Cumbrian slang term, meaning to rummage or search for something.
I had a good ratch in that box, but I couldn't find it.
by withabix August 08, 2009
(noun) a person who is ratchet or does ratchet things
"Look at that ratch over there in leopard printed leggings and multicolored weave twerking"
by DrRatchet May 28, 2012
The short, white version of the infamous and ever-so popular "Ratchet". Typically used by froo-froo southern valley kind of girls or sassy gay guys.
Ew, that cardigan is ratch. Must be from Cargo Largo.
Oh no, that's ratch. You best swerve on out of here.
You best not be tweetin bout me, ain't nobody got time for yo ratch-ass comments.
by METALPANTHER7 May 13, 2013
Used to describe your desire to go out looking for the opposite sex.
Two examples;
1) "I'm going out on the ratch"
2) "My mate pulled last night, he's such a ratcher".
by Dave Wilson November 05, 2004
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