Soon to be Unemployed...
Brother, can you sapre a dime?
by Giffen February 13, 2003
we will nerf all your equipment "soon"
by sillyn00b February 13, 2003
A R-A-T is a son of a bitch who just acts like a fag. They can be a snitch, a bitch, or any1 who gets in your way and acts like an idiot embarassing you or your frends.
Why are you actin like a little R-A-T?
Stop fucking around R-A-T.
by mutha fucker February 20, 2006
A snitch or a liar/thef. Someone who is untrustworthy
That dirty rat called the cops
by monkeysrock June 04, 2015
Random Act of Testosterone
Punching a hole in the wall was the result of a R.A.T.
by VermontLumberjack April 08, 2015
The rat is a piece of shit. He is a big snitch, and no one likes him. They have a lot of hair and they are really messed up. Rats are really ugly and they like cheese a lot :D

The Rat is a snitch that likes cheese.
by KhyraGaming October 21, 2014

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