A large block Chevrolet V8 engine.

Compare with mouse.
Benny runs a 460 rat motor in his old Camero.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
a girl that is scandalous and hoars around .....
person1: hey did you hear about jackie
person2: no what happened
person1: that bitch sucked two guys dick at the same time...
person2: no way.....that dirty fucking RAT!!
by HOSRE C April 05, 2005
rats are like mice but tricky and not as nice. they like running around especially if there is a treat or reward in the corner sort of like being in a maze for a human.they are smart and will run out of their holes to steal or catch food then run back.if you see a rat just give it some food or cheese and wave goodbye
"did you see that rat?!"

"yea it took the cheese and didn't even get caught in the trap"
by Sir Cook-a-lot January 30, 2008
A slang term for female breasts that makes little sense which most likely originated from the working-class vernacular. The word 'rats' is short for 'ratty-tat tats', a phrase itself which makes little sense.
Check out the rats on that pregnant chick.
by Jaydcassat May 21, 2007
1) A punk

2) Is in a band

3) Usually has crazy hair

4) Great in bed

5) OWNS making out

6) The best

7) Absolutely Amazing

8) The hottest guy alive

9) Da bomb

10) Pretty


Person 1: I hope i can go out with Rat tonight..

Person 2: I am going out with Rat tonight and we're gonna PARTAAY!
by Cheese Is the best July 10, 2008
a nasty little creature.
I'd like to stick a rat up Sharon Turner's ass, then sew some cheese to her tonuge and sew her ass shut.
by bread infection December 30, 2005
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