(used in Leicester, England)
A wannabe scene kid that tries too hard to be BR00T4L. They think they're really cool but fail miserably. They over exaggerate, are annoying and have obviously used the wiki-how guide to being a scene kid like a bible and stalk famous "scene idols" on youtube trying to be exactly like them.
Cool kid: "DIRTY RAT KIDS!"
Rat kid: "HIPPOS"
by pieface. July 07, 2008
Top Definition
Rat Kid/Rad Kids is mainly used in Leicester, England and is a term for "followers" usally of the Grebo,skater,emo,goth variety. They try their hardest 2 fit in, the all are addicted to My Chemical Romances Lead Singer - Gerard Way, Aiden, Sonny Moore and any "hot" emo guy..

They think they are cool and want to be me!

Naw they wanna be anyone whos well known around Leicester's Clock Tower!
Rat Kid1: omg look at him, i so wanna be like him, im guna get my hair cut just like that!
Rat Kid 2: OMG so am I.. i was dreaming of Gerard Way last night
Rat Kid 1: NO WAY!
by Punk-x-HardXcore July 15, 2006
A ratkid is a reject that hangs around local places Such As; Parks, Bus Stations, Public Attractions (ie: town centers, Modern Statues) drinking alchopops and smoking menthol cigarettes (because they want to look bad but cough everytime they take down a normal cigarette drag).
They tend to always have a lot of money due to their parents being rich so if they want to copy the latest myspace king/queen they can in a finger snap.
There is no easy stereotype of a "ratkid" they just copy everyone else.
The easy ways to distinguish a ratkid are..
1.Wearing Clashing Items Such As; A My Chemical Romance Hoody And A Slayer T-Shirt.
2.Will do anything for you.
3.Listens to all the bands you used to listen to.
4.Overuses words like "Brutal".
5.Not actually knowing why people use the word "brutal"
6.Oli Sykes (lead singer of bring me the horizon) is their idol.
7.Hates the taste of real alcohol.

Now you know what a ratkid is,
Before its too late.
A Myspace King Puts A Rip On His Jeans Near His Crotch,
Within 3 Hours Every Ratkid In Town Will Have Rips On Their Jeans Near The Crotch.

Ratkid: Do You Want A Cigarette?
Boy: No Thanks I've Decided To Turn SxE Because That Way You Live Longer And Better*
Ratkid A: Thats Great To Hear!
5mins later..
Ratkid B: Do You Want Me To Buy You Any Alcohol?
Ratkid A: No Thanks I'm SxE Now Because Boy Is
Ratkid B: O Rly?! I Think I Will Be Too Then! (Throws Alcohol In Bin)

* SxE Isn't Cool.
by Tobias Steel November 09, 2007
A phrase used to describe people of any age who are socially unacceptable. They usually are emotionally unstable, prone to fight to solve problems or have lots of sex with other rat kids. They like to brag about the awesome party they went to where they got totally smashed (a.k.a. Their mom's birthday party where they sneaked a sip of a wine cooler) or the hot girl/guy they banged (aka their hand...) They are liars and exaggerators by nature, and their appearance and dress only serves to emphasize their ratty nature.

Can generally be found in lower-level classes, or in a grade that doesn't correspond with their age.

Originates from an advanced biology class in describing the group of people in the class after them.
Person 1:Hey, do you know that kid over there?
Person 2:Oh yeah, that 22 year old guy who has a kid and is in the 9th grade?
Person 1:Yeah, what a Rat Kid!
by JB3389 November 27, 2007
A kid at a local hang out (school, cafe, club etc) that is the epitemy of a human rat; looks, smells, sounds, eats and moves like a rat. A common noise for the ratkid is: mi mi mi mi mi. Check the sound for proper pronunciation.
Ratkid: Mi mi mi mi mi mi
Random: Shut up ratkid
by guy sebastion June 03, 2005
Rat Kid is a word used for the ugliest little kid that looks like he has come from the tip usaly with a big mullet and face that has been burnt and that is pealing and all up a dirt little kid that no one likes
Wrath is a fucken rat kid and his mum is a fucken rat queen
by Darren Thomson April 22, 2005
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