verb. To snap at someone causing them to feel uncomfortable
When i asked Jess what time it was, she rashed out at me in front of everybody asking " FUCK! Why don't you buy a fucking watch?" When she clearly knew i was a broke ass. I wanted to cry like a sissy but I held it in like a man.
#lashed #lashed out #yealled #mad #angry
Top Definition
verb. To ruin or spoil something, whether purposeful or negligent.
Jonny: I can't beleive Jack died on Lost!
Matan: WTF man, I haven't seen really rashed that.

Esti: Wow, the Lakers lost by 20.
Arash: I havent seen the game, you rashed it!
Esti: Ironic?
Arash: Devastating.
#arash #devastating #d4m #hmd #dirtiestplayerinthegame #rotmode
by *xpac taunt* July 04, 2011
A person who can strectch in ways you can't imagine.
Last night I slept with a girl who was so Rashed, it freaked me out!
#raidish #radish #flexifreak #flexible #stretch
by Jitaroo May 24, 2009
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