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A contemptible person.
West Indian, basically means arse-cloth or ass-cloth for u yanks. The paper I wipe my bum with. As in back bottom to you yanks, again.
Eh come ere ya rasclat!
by sum sik chick July 31, 2005
very, very , very , very bad jamaican curse word.
too vulgar to give an example.
by don dadda August 18, 2003
That gob of hair that gets stuck between your butt cheeks in the shower.
Aww Man! I haven't showered in a few days and when I finally did my Rasclat was HUGE!
by rasclat_master February 17, 2012
Big bear like lad who looks older than their age
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
A rasclat is someone who has undertaken a sex change but has not had the vital organs removed and so they are not any gender.trannytransvestite
you crazy rasclat, go and sort yourself out!
by MrW January 01, 2005
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