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Very foul West Indian term, meaning a cross between an arse and a virgina (clart), hense rarseclart "arsehole pussy"!
You raseclart
by Lynchpin March 24, 2003
86 34
winner of a Jamaican horse race
Da rarseclart am dat win me da money!
by bootybabe May 05, 2003
17 51
clear race horse
me's as hot as da clear race horse
by lindsaj May 02, 2003
12 48
Noun/adj. A rase clart is someone who enjoys the sound of his/her loud engine as they speed past, they drive noisly and dangerously. similar to a ''barry boy'' however the term is broader as it applys to any vehicle and also movement on foot
did you see that guy what A rarse clart
by slippery dom August 30, 2006
6 47