Revving. Keen to move on. All there at the starting line.
John: "Are you ready?"
Nick: "Yeah! I'm rarin' to go!"

Frank: "Liverpool FC have been trained so hard that they are all rarin' to go. Killing machines, they are now, man."

by McVillain November 05, 2003
Top Definition
prepared and ready to embark on something
hey jim bob, you ready to watch NASCAR? yeah, i'm rarin' to go
by lette November 05, 2003
keen, ready for action.
- ready? looking forward to it?
- yeah mate, i'm rarin' to go!
by Smiff November 05, 2003
Ready and excited to go. Can't wait.
I'm rarin' to go to that new club, Joe!
by MeGn November 04, 2003
being very ready to do somthing
*Are you ready for the Yellowcard concert?
**Dude, I'm rarin' to go!
by me November 04, 2003
ready to go, ready to get into the action
My girl was rarin' to go, she had on fly high heel joints, and a come and get that ass, mini skirt.
by crix November 04, 2003
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