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the cutest little bitch in town. talk all the shit you want.. this mama is still hotter than you skank
She is such a Raquel that he wants to marry her now!! The ex-girlfriend is quite jealous of that Raquel.
by hmmmm00121221 January 20, 2008
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet - both on the inside and out. She has a personality that everyone would die for. Loved by all. A Raquel stands strong for what she believes in, and doesnt let anyone step on her. Protects all her family and friends as much as she can. Shes a true friend, who will stick with you through thick and thin, till the end. Shes always got your back.

Everyone should meet a Raquel sometime in their life.
Feel blessed if you already have. :)
The name is often confused with rachel or rocky.
Raquel is the most amazing person you will ever meet.
by namesforgirls February 04, 2012
Pretty much the coolest name/person ever. Also mistaken for "Rachel" and "Rocky" a lot of the time.
Harry, "whoh, Raquel sure is Mmm... tasty!!!"
A sexy well known female who is known to cause a high increase rate in jaw drops. They tend to date latino men.
"wow baby she is so a Raquel"
by El Chin Chin April 07, 2009
One of the most hottest girls around. She is hated by many, but doesn't give a damn. An amazing friend. Great in bed; she's a freak. Flirts with all the hot guys, but not a whore. Neck breaker. Don't mess with her cause she'll fuck you up. usually into black boys sometimes white guys.
Boy one: Damn Raquel was... i can't even explain it!
Boy two: forreal man? can i get some?
Boy one: hell nah man, she aint no ROLLER!
Boy two: lucky ass bastard!
by sexylovee. January 17, 2010
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