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a man who can bust some tight ass ryhmes as well as bustin someone in the ass
he is rappist
by jack meoff November 13, 2003
51 20
one who is both a rapper and a rapist.
R. Kelly is one crazy rappist.
by k9maniac July 14, 2008
63 27
1. An alternative word to "rapper"
2. A more offensive sounding way to refer to someone who raps
Brotha Lynch is my favorite rappist.
by The Clit Ninja February 21, 2010
19 4
One who uses racism in order to extend a rhyme.
"Why does it stink in here? Who let the chink in here?" - White guy

"Dude, that is racist!" - Asian guy

"Nah man, that is just rappist." - White guy
by Ckris H December 03, 2007
2 34