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A sell out rapper who only raps for albums sales, money, respect, and popularity.

Often the case with rapper's for sell is that their lyrics are predictable, they talk about the hood, how tough things are, how much money they have, and what cars they drive, what clothes they wear, they depict women nothing more as sexual creatures,music is mostly for the clubs, ect ect, their rhymes usually contain a very basic 'ABC' pattern, with minor variations and the chorus usaully has four words that repeat 10x, Also the beat that they rap to mostly sounds the same, especially with sourthern crunk/western hyphy type. the most notable feature of a rapper for sell is that their music has no meaning, it's just a plug for money, album sells, respect and popularity.

If you want to see a rapper for sell in action just watch MTV and BET.

If you want to know what a real rapper is about then listen to underground/alternative rap.
by Appkey November 28, 2006

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