When someone loves or likes someone or somthing so much that they think they are hot enough to have sex with.
Paul thinks my legs are totally rape worthy Jess.
by Steph0x0x September 12, 2008
Top Definition
Pleasing to the eye & penis.
Guy 1: Checkout that girl! She pretty hawt!
Guy 2: Meh, she's rapeworthy.
by The Messiah83 April 10, 2008
A woman who is both sexually attractive and evil. Men know she doesn't deserve sexual pleasure, so they want to punish and degrade her by fucking her against her will.
Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, but her party pics are hot! She's definitely rape-worthy.
by lisa11 January 13, 2012
A girl that is so attractive that if you are unable to have sex with her naturally you would rape her as she is worth the jail sentence
Person 1: "Georgia is so hot"
Person 2: "You'd never get her"
Person 1: "Maybe one day she's rapeworthy"
by fuckoffwithaskingmydetails May 17, 2016
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