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used when talking about something "hot", desirable, goood looking, awsome ect..
me:lauren and holly are to rapealicious for there own good
lauren:i can't help it if im rapealicious!!!
by Cazet August 17, 2005
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1.To be Rape-A-Licious; Mainly pertaining to the male origin, one who is extremely hot you would want to rape him. 2. Worth getting in trouble of rape for. 3. Super Delicious

Origin: From the mind of a high school freshman in 2000 in Oakley, California. She was trying to describe how hot a senior boy was.
Ohmygod, his body is Rape-A-Licious!!
by Melissa October 13, 2004
when someone or something became superior in nature to what you had experienced previously regarding said object.
This seven MGB connection is rape-a-licious compared to that shitty one MGB connection I had to endure previously
by Mr. Cock Block November 07, 2009

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