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The lights that adorn college campuses. Students push the button on them to trigger an alarm when in trouble; the alarm brings the police to their location.
Kat triggered one of the campus rape lights to alert the campus PoPo that someone had just stolen her Naruto purse.
by MechaTC October 30, 2005
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n. A streetlight (or other light used for urban, outdoor, nighttime illumination) that inexplicably blinks out when you walk under it.
"Hey, Charlene, when you go out the back door look out for the rape light."
by Doctor Cyclops September 18, 2006
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A highly concentrated flash-light that is used to blind and ward off rapists/ A song by the Poet Laureates.
I don't like carrying pepper spray around, instead I just take my Rape Light because of how functional it can be.
by Haraldo manana June 04, 2011
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