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To get something really tough done, or to accomplish something that most people would deem impossible.
Joe: I don't think I have the guts to tell my dad I'm switchin majors. He's going to be furious.

Bob: Well, sooner or later you're going to have to rape the dragon. Might as well be now.


Hey Joe. I fucked your mom last night. Yeah that's right, I totally raped that dragon.
by flippyrocker October 16, 2010
to overcome something particularly difficult or achieve something awesome.
Stop complaining about the assignment, Mary, we all know you're smart enough to rape the dragon.

We're holding a party to celebrate Jeff's promotion! He deserves it; he totally raped that dragon!!

Alternative use: Man, that test was one tough dragon to rape. But I think I did ok.
by keetalolita October 08, 2010
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