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One who has sudden outbursts of rage directed towards their Friends and loved ones.
An angry vocal woman with a history of PMT
"Look at that Ranty woman on the telly"
"Sorry mate I will have to leave the pub soon or the missis wil get a bit Ranty"
by Jonny Nobby Clevedon April 09, 2007

Coined by Marquez Brownlee on 30/09/2012, Ranty describes a state of being in which an individual, most commonly a youtuber, has an uncontrollable need to rant about any and everything.

These spells of uncontrollable ranting can last for periods of time stretching from a few minutes to a number of days depending on the amount of material needed to get off ones chest and also the ability of the individual to express said material in an effective and coherent way.

There are no known long term effects associated with being ranty, but in the short term the individual may appear agitated and irritable and it is not uncommon for unsuspecting individuals to be berated by the ranty persons for seemingly unfounded reasons. But however unfounded the rant may seem, it is usually initiated in response to complete ignorance.
After spending the day berating ignorant iphone 5 users as to the benefits of android, Marquez felt ranty.
by quandite September 30, 2012

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