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noun : one of those altruistic drunk Jersey Shore jerkoff know-it-alls, who seems fine until they start shouting in limericks about the state of world from the top of their bar stools and won't let you get a word in edge-wise, i.e. someone drunk who becomes too passionate about an opinion and would die on their sword as if it were fact -- while not listening to the rational words of others trying to talk the person down from the top of the bar. A wordplay on 'patriot.'

adverb : to like like a rantriot.*
"Dude, Lori went totally rantriot last night... You should have seen her literally stomping up and down arguing about how the free market isn't free. I totally thought she was going to declare war on the bar for having an open pool table on ladies night."
by finious February 18, 2010
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