A random person.

A newbie.
Who are all these people at the party?' 'Buncha Randy Jacksons.
by leetskeet1 May 05, 2011
Top Definition
Probably the whitest black guy who wants to be black. When he says things he tries to make it sound gansterful. Like " Yeah!,. . . dawg!" when he says it it doesnt sound natural, he tries to hard to be black.
Randy Jackson is the whitest black guy you'll ever meet.
by Goosie April 11, 2004
Gives THE BEST criticism, no doubt about that
*cough* ¬_¬ (Sarcasm, LOL)

How he was made a judge of American Idol (or how Ryan Seacrest is still hosting the show) I will never know. I mean it's a crappy show but hey, it has its rep you know?
*Singer sings lyrics to "Lonely Girl", messing up every high note*

Randy Jackson: Yo Dawg, that was tight. Perfect dawg, I mean dawg, that's the best singing I've ever heard, good job dawg.

*Crowd cheers*

Simon Cowell: Do you ever say anything constructive Randy?

*Randy starts to say something*

Simon: OK, well moving on. Look I feel your performance tonight was very... pathetic.

*Crowd starts booing*

Simon: If that is what people consider singing, I will gladly drop off the face of the Earth and start a modeling career.

Randy Jackson: Yo dawg, don't listen to him dawg. That was great singing dawg.
by Raw Doggy June 19, 2010
The dawg.
Randy Jackson says, "yo dawg, that was blazin' molten hot!"
by Dreadhead285 October 22, 2008
A Randy Jackson is an alcoholic mixed drink named after the famous black guy/america idol judge. the drink consist of arnold palmer, vodka, redbull, and ovaltine. Its called a Randy Jackson because the dark color of the drink and the chocolate
guy 1: dude you were so wasted
guy 2: it was randy jackson
guy 1: the famous black guy?
guy 2: no the drink
by mehale December 18, 2011
to be a successful and well-dressed or eccentrically-dressed black male. Most white people who think all black people look alike typically compare all well-dressed and successful black men to the celebrity Randy Jackson just because they are also black.
Everyone: That Brandon is successful and sure does dress well

Merit: Dont all those RandyJackson's dress well?
by kruatheshow November 13, 2013
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