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Short for Ranking Battle.
Also, possibly Random Battle.

It's a term widely used among 2d fighting game enthusiasts, as a word used for local gatherings of competitive playing.

Such "ranbats" are often arranged online, from different popular communities such as or
A handful of players gather, and usually play one another in an informal tournament, usually for fun and training.
According to their performance, there is an informal "ranking" element behind the participants, and usually the top few names enjoy web notoriety, and perhaps even seeding privileges a larger tournament down the road.

The more popular ranbats feature
Street Fighter: Third Strike
Capcom Vs SNK 2
Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection

with an attendance ranging anywhere from 20~50 players/spectators.
"You going to that upcoming ranbat?"

"Ranbat 5.1 was effin sweet."
by nitenite June 21, 2008
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