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1. A name given to someone who does weird and funny things, but is beautiful and sweet at the same time

2. A girl so amazing you always want to be around her
Look at you Ramya, you're so weird, but so lovable.
Man I just can't get enough of you, you're such a ramya!
by Sharkman6684 January 06, 2009
The girl who always cares and is never cared for.
She is weird, but you love her anyway.
She might be a little bipolar, but your not sure.
Ramya is sweet and funny and will defend you to the death.
Loyal is another thing too.
Oh Ramya, that was so funny, but how are you never mean while making jokes?
by flewawaytoparadise November 22, 2011
A girl with the best hair ever known to man. She is totes gorgeous and can rock ANY coture. She is great at acting, and can be somewhat dramatic at times, but who doesn't love some drama now and then! Ramya is a name that means delightful, and she surely is!
Wow, she's so fun to be around, she's such a Ramya!
by sarahh_810 February 21, 2015
1. The manager of "Man's whorehouse".
2. Someone who is never online.
3. A girl who can learn a new language in a month and speak it properly - or who can lie and make you believe it. Either one describes Ramya.
1. Ramya was telling me about how many whores she deals with everyday and what she does in her job, and oh boy, it wasn't a pretty picture she painted.
2. I don't talk to her online because she is a Ramya.
3. I don't know whether to believe her when she said that she learnt hindi in 3 weeks - I guess it's only possible if she's a Ramya.
by Hemant July 30, 2006
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