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when on a long hike, and the summit (or awesome view) is near and within reach, one will go into "rampage mode"... a mode of rampage where one will use up all of his/her energy in a last ditch effort to reach the summit as soon as possible and at a mad pace.
oh my, he has gone into rampage mode again... i hope he will have energy to make it off the mountain before dark.
by Robin Beer August 09, 2008
1. When one guy out of a whole group of friends is being a complete and total asshole to everybody else.
2. Incredibly rough sex that leads to strained muscles and bruises.
1. "Dude, I totally went rampage-mode on this chick yesterday. It was awesome."

2. friend "You're just being a dick today aren't you?"
friend 2 "Nah, he's just in rampage-mode."
by Nicholas Syndicate December 14, 2008