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Rude ass mother-fucker.
Girl: "Honey, you'd look great in this. Now you can fit in with all the gay boys."

Guy: "ramf."

Girl: "Slut."

Guy: "I love it when you talk dirty."
by The Cockinator February 09, 2009
retard ass mother fucker
that dudes a ramf.
by bamfnotramf October 19, 2011
Rich Ass Mother Fucker
Girl: I don't have enough money to buy you dinner

Guy: It's okay I have 2.5 million dollars in my Swiss bank account

Girl: you fucking RAMF....
by jrysmile April 04, 2011
Ratchet Ass Mother-Fucker
Laquisha: "Did you see that slutty asian kid in our spanish class?"
Raymond: "Yee gurrll he is such a RAMF."
by Lafondaaa July 15, 2012
Rad Ass Mother-Fucker
"Dude, wasn't that skateboard trick, like, so ramf?"
"For sure, dude."
by OLIVIAyeeuh March 31, 2009
Retarded Ass Motherfucker.
"Your kid failed kindergarten??? What a RAMF!"
by Big At April 12, 2006
racist ass mother fucker
I can not belive Eric just called that person that. He is a ramf
by invisible eye September 28, 2007