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1. outdated, out of style, tacky, or unattractive
2. a word used to describe a creepy middle-aged man.

Can be shortened to "rambo"
1. "Velour sweatsuits are SO ramboni."
2. "Did you see that hairy guy staring at us? He was really ramboni."
by LogCabin Sendra January 31, 2008
A kid who thinks he can trickshot but can't. People call him a ramboni.
Your a ramboni. Get known Ramboni.
by StaR Twixy March 06, 2012
1. the expression used when you see a person leaning against a garbage can viciously eating a mcdonalds hamburger
2. a person who's background is half Italian and half Jamaican
3. an adjective used to describe a person who is dark skinned and has crazy black curly hair
4. when you see a random fall and roll down a steep hill and then refuse help when people ask him if he is okay.
1. That ramboni is attacking that hamburger!
2. DAMN that ramboni is fine!
3. Did u see that ramboni roll down that hill??
4. What a little ramboni!
by joe July 05, 2004
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