RAKiJA is Croatian release group / torrent uploaders / linked to the THR community. They are well known among Croatian torrent communities for their flawless quality and great download speed. No one knows who are the members. They are probably hardcore alcoholics as their slogan is: 'The world is better with RAKiJA'
<Ivan340> Ko rippa za RAKiJA team?
<marinn> lol, boli te kurac, bitno da su im torrenti dobre kvalitete ;)
<Ivan340> lol, k
by whoareyouwhowhowhowhoWHO January 21, 2012
Top Definition
A fine Balkan spirit sure to make you get pissed hard.
wanna have a shot
by detox September 30, 2003
Very powerful alcoholic drink mainly made of fermented fruits – plums, apples, grapes, apricot. Rakija is often distilled in Kazani by black skinned people, called Mandgali. According to the specific fruit it is made, Rakija have several different names – Slivova, Grozdova, Iabylkova, etc. The Rakija could be Pyrcuca, Greqna or Blaga too.
Ei Marijke, Give me on more rakija!
by VK April 08, 2005
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