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The home to many "pole up ass" teachers, some men, some women, and Mr. Dunne who we're not too sure about. The home to "collar up" pink shirt and kaki wearing bitches who prance around as if it were a dockers commercial. The home to several dealers of the power flower who find it amusing to rip off retards who dont know crap about the power flower to begin with (shhh! dont tell Fred!) The home to the largest percentage of caucasian white males in any school on the face of this earth. If Mao Zedong saw our school, he would bomb us within minutes. The home to several girls where the rules that apply are: The hotter and sluttier you are, the cooler you are and the higher chance you'll get to give steam to a hockey stud.
This is my home... and i want to shit terds on it
by VK January 04, 2005
Very powerful alcoholic drink mainly made of fermented fruits – plums, apples, grapes, apricot. Rakija is often distilled in Kazani by black skinned people, called Mandgali. According to the specific fruit it is made, Rakija have several different names – Slivova, Grozdova, Iabylkova, etc. The Rakija could be Pyrcuca, Greqna or Blaga too.
Ei Marijke, Give me on more rakija!
by VK April 08, 2005
The act of jizzing in your hand after pulling out and then throwing it in your partner's eye.
Girl 1: Why are your eyes all red and swollen?
Girl 2: My boyfriend spiderman'd me last night.
by VK August 19, 2004
The bumble buzz of the scene. A great find, or a great and wicked site for downloading stuff off the net for free, like warez,gamez, apps!
by vk October 06, 2003
Pioneering Seattle grunge band.
We were supposed to go see L-7 with Babes In Toyland but The Man got the fire marshal to close down the club.
by VK October 14, 2003

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