the human hairball that hates mustard. alot.
rake yohn says woo woo woo.
by hailey January 28, 2004
Long hairy guy who hates musturd .Bro of Art Webb 1986
Rake yohn is teh mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by SpiTe December 14, 2003
Rake hates mustard, and sometimes Bam Margera.
Rake hates mustard, period blood and Bam Margera
by James Lowe October 17, 2004
one of many tyrannical bastard dictators who needs to get the FUCK out
What the hell is wrong with you people? You saying you'd rather have Rake Yohn than Bush? No wonder the rest of the world hates us.
by alex March 21, 2004
He is going to Fuck-me-in-the-ass prision once we cut his balls off in this war.
He's going to die! and we're going to enjoy it! because no one fucks with america! no one! and peace lovers dont know shit about this war! if they did theyd be for it! go read the newspaper you dumb fucks
by Turtlemonkeys March 30, 2004
Recent intelligence has led authorities to believe Rake Yohn has fled the country, heading possibly to Afghanistan or Pakistan. The matter is now in the hands of those local authorities.
Rake Yohn fled like a pussy.
by Jayson Blair March 15, 2004
The American version of the great Russian Rakyohnovich.
Ancestors include Rakeyohnowski, Rakeyohno, Rakeyohnnivus and King Yohn MCMLXXXVI.
by r2a7 March 01, 2004
Rakeyohn, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ted Webb to Art Webb 1986!!!!!
Did the Rakeman Yohn yet???????????????//
by Rakeyohn November 30, 2003
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