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A man with a hugely famous website that deals with the important issue of nonsense. He is Persian, which says a lot about how cool he is. Like all Persians, he lives in Beverly Hills and has ties to the mafia. He's known to run over people with his Jeep who talk smack. But other than that, he is a very funny guy.
RajuAbju, the girls want j00!
by Johnny February 25, 2004
A delusional man, who in his own mind, believes he is a famous person of sorts.
'RajuAbju.... I am the King.'
by Engler October 26, 2003
This dude that is mad ass funny but acts like a wierd guy
RajuAbju? Like woaw, thats crazy yo!
by Heaven6 September 23, 2003
As a person, he is a legendary AOL hacker. Roughly translated party from India and party from Iran, it is 'beer leader'
RajuAbju hacked me! -or- RajuAbju, that's one bad ass dude
by Danny August 23, 2003
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