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1. when an object is so vibrantly rainbow u must shout it from the mountian tops

2. if onesself is so fregrantly gay you can not tell them apart from a bag of skittles

3. when someone colorcoats things in a manor of OCD
1. Malinda: WoW! check out that colorful buddha
Dielia: WOW!! your absolutly rite! .......
both find nearest montain and scream

2. Little Tommy: They look over there at that giant bag of skittles
Dad: Timmy... OOPS... haha i mean Tommy... that there is a confused man

3.Anthony: OMGGG.... these files are so drab Marshell
Marshell: ?...
Anthony: we NEED to RAINBOWatize them
by feelitall125 July 07, 2011