1) a form of giving head in which the lips aren't used. the girl uses her tounge and a little bit of teeth without biting. awesome if done right.

2) a song by royksopp
"My girl was rainbow styling last night it was crazy"
by tha shit May 14, 2007
Top Definition
Def 1: adj: to wear/style rainbow coloured clothes
Def 2: adj: Also used to loosely describe vibrant bizarre colourful style/art striking in variety and interest. Usually post modern.
First officially used by the Band 'The Similou' in the song 'All this love'

City roof top, summer night
In your tank top rainbow styling.
Last night girl, like a dream,
Never felt so good, sleepy smiling.

All this love saved up for nothing,
I've never felt so blue
And all this love, rainbow styling.
by Brittany Moo May 15, 2007
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