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Once upon a time, in the Magical Land of Equestria, there floated the city of Cloudsdale. Cloudsdale is charged with manufacturing all of Equestria's weather, which is then shipped in much the same way Fed Ex works.

One day, a guy named WoodenToaster decided to write a catchy, but mildly disturbing song about how Cloudsdale makes rainbows in something called a "rainbow factory."

William Shakespeare's greatx10^8 grandson, AuroraDawn, took this idea a step further. Due to the lack of academic analysis of Equestrian weather manufacturing, He decided to write a fanfiction called Rainbow Factory, which offered the following explanation: Cloudsdale is governed by elitist NAZIs that demand every pegasus pass a flight test to live, and whoever did not is sent to the rainbow factory, where they are then killed and recycled into Spectra, a key ingredient in the production of rainbows.

The Rainbow Factory fanfiction also contains one of the most notable examples of the "Scootabuse" phenomenon.

It should also be noted that this contributor lacks the abdominal muscles to ever read Rainbow Factory.
by UnrestrictedSanity December 15, 2013
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