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A greeting. Brought into use by Poppy L.
Variances: Can use as many o's as desired.
Person 1: Hello!
Person 2: Rahoo. How are you?
by Hilary J. December 30, 2003
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Rahoo is a greeting. It can really mean anything. You can use it if you don't know, if you don't want the person who ask you how you are to know, or just being random.
It's a good word, very good word.
"Wassup dawg?"
"rahoo. just chillen in a mini wit sum cheeze, you?"
by Poppy L. January 07, 2004
verb: (1) to hype something in a fake, cocky, or suck-uppy manner, (2) attempt to make a dishonest or exaggerated statement seem correct through excitement;

General greeting or answer to "What's Up": used as hello, but in the barrio; or most often rahooo = "I am a douchebag"
Verb: "no matter how much you rahoo your new shoes, it won't make them cool"
"dude...stop rahooing your lucky shot to coach, your still gonna sit the bench"
by Eric345422 April 02, 2008

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