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When playing a game of darts, to throw a true raguilar, you have to just barely miss the bullseye with all three darts. Usually the darts must also be touching the metal outside ring of the green bullseye to be a pure raguilar. Most good players will actually throw more raguilars than bad players, but it is seen as a sign of choking, dumbness and is overall embarassing.
I was playing darts and lost to a total idiot! I got down to bullseye and threw raguilar after raguilar!
by JMancow April 09, 2009
A term often used by unprofessional bar game athletes or wannabes, to make themselves feel like they have an edge on oposing players, by having a rarely used made up word to describe an inability to 'close' or win definitivley.
Friend 1. God dammit! I am such a fucking raguilar! Friend 2. Yes you are a fucking raguilar!
by fredonculous April 11, 2009
A term that comes from Texas and is said to have Mexican origins. A raguilar happens in the game of darts and other bar type games. It is something that makes a player go mad with rage and anger. Its coming really close but still missing. Raguilar is totally ridiculous and almost retarded because it kind of shows skill, but at the same time will never win a game. Although raguilar typically refers to darts, it can be used for anything in life that doesn't quite hit the mark. Always coming up short. If you raguilar more than not, you may actually be called a raguilar, and thats not good.
In the game of cornhole if all your bags lean on the edge of the board for no points its a freakin raguilar.

Friend 1 "I just fuckin lost my fifth game today" Friend 2 "Damn bro that sucks" Friend 1 "Yeah fuckin went out with a mutha fuckin raguilar to boot!"

I hit so many raguilars my damn head hurts.
by TheGalaxyMan April 10, 2009
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